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    Question Mark Fix

    Version 1.0.0


  3. Instadev

    TAXI Spawning

    Spawning our teleporter at key locations - near graveyards, at each main faction's city, at usable ports within the teleporter, etc. View full feature
  4. Instadev

    Malls Spawning

    Spawning all the appropriate NPCs at two key locations, one for the Horde and one for the Alliance. View full feature
  5. Instadev

    In-Game Events

    Currently working on Easy, Medium, Hard and Maze events which will be available from our TAXI teleporter. These events will reward you with unique prizes you cannot achieve unless you finish these events. View full feature
  6. Instadev

    Killstreak Rework

    Working on a killsreak system that will benefit those who achieve higher amounts of kills. The system will adjust overtime based on our playerbase. The system will benefit those who kill players at the top of the killstreak system with special & unique rewards. View full feature
  7. Instadev

    Storyline Creation

    Creating a storyline for members to enjoy built from a mix of custom gossip system-related scripts, PvP, PvE, riddles, playtime, GM events and the regular questing system. View full feature
  8. Instadev

    Tier 10 - 15 Creation

    Creating tier 10 with increased & merged stats of Blizzard's tier 9.5 and then duplicating the gear with a certain percentage gap between each tier set. View full feature
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