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  3. Your site request's alot of shit's.It take's 2 day's to regirster...remove some of the idiotic security shit's... and yet it says my password is wrong...
  4. - Added "required level" to all custom items, set as level 255. - Fixed a few random appearances of irrelevant items on different shops. - "Bottomless Bag" has been renamed to "Battlehard Bag of the Infinite". - Human's Medallion of the Berserker has now been renamed to "Medallion of the Humanoid Berserker" (non-human: "Medallion of the Berserker"). -- Added a missing PvP Trinket effect, 2 minutes cooldown. - Fixed Battlehard Astral Totem's allowed class to Shamans only. View full release
  5. Instadev

    Our Plans

    Hey guys. So, it has been a while since we last updated you guys, so it's time to reveal what has been planned and what is to be done in the very near future - starting tomorrow. For starters - overall character wipeout. Yes, all of your data will be deleted. Your accounts will still exist, but your characters will be erased. As you might know, we want to base most of our content on storyline related tasks and PvP. Since PvP is still not in its full potential we will still wait with gearing phase (tier 1 to 5) and will attempt to do several things while we attempt to balance the set. In terms of storyline, we base all of our content based upon it. We might release parts of it here as short stories later on. Change of awards We are going to change all the quests' awards. Transmogrification tokens will no longer be your only award. As a matter of fact, it will bind to a new system we are building. Quests will award a tier token, which will be used at our new temporary gear shop. Overall of 8 pieces of gear within the shop for each class. As for misc - it will drop as loot from bosses or other NPCs you are required to slay. Weapons will bind to daily quests, you will be able to gain 1 weapon per day, which should be enough. As of right now, we will use tier 5 weapons but in the near future, we will change it as well. In the meanwhile, to avoid problems of missing weapons and a required melee weapon bug, we will implement a temporary set of weapons which will be 20% of the stats our current weapons have with no spells on them, only 20% of all the stats. A new shop We are building a new shop to allow purchases of our current tier 5 set with a new coin: Tier 5 Coin. Registration modifications As you know, when creating an account on the forum you automatically create an account in-game as well. We're going to make sure this is known to all our newcomers by adding this statement onto our registration page. Soon we will convert our registration system with a new & better one that will have an interface of its own and will focus all the required data in a single field in one interface on our forum. Account creation will take place only for the forum when visiting the /register page and once an account has been approved it will only then allow for in-game account creation. Once created, a new interface will appear, including vote panel, points status (vote points and donor points), ban status (banned or not banned), ban history (if exists), current characters on your account, change in-game password only (change forum password will be done from a different page), account purchases history (from in-game vote/donor shops). Obviously, as your rank goes up you will have more possibilities available. VIPs will have their latest GM commands used page, Game Masters will have GM panel (administrators will have administrator panel) and the ability to view tickets & reply to them as well as use several limited commands through a special interface console (administrators will have greater access). A new system We're going to implement a new exchanging/transformation system. You will be able to trade your Tier 5 Coins for Transmogrification Tokens. This is one-way only. Each coin/token is soulbound so you cannot trade it with your friends. Another new system We are going to develop our own self-recognizing system that will count kills based upon real-time kills while ignoring repeated kills of the same target over and over. The system will ignore the same character from killing the same character over and over and still increase the satisfaction of the overall required kills AND will disallow multiboxing kills via IP detection. A possible mini-feature is AFK detection. The system will detect movement every X seconds and will determine which member is AFK and which isn't. AFK members will not be considered as kills. The system is meant to be used during our storyline. When required to kill X members, this system will be initiated. Lifetime kills does not matter. Several new systems Yeah, I cannot really describe all of them, but know that we have in mind a lot of custom systems we need to implement to allow a steady flow for the storyline. Right now what we have in mind is a suggestions system, a riddling system, automated events (right now we have hide and seek and last man standing), playtime awards, improved killstreak and the list goes on and on here: https://www.hellreach.org/forum/4-future-updates/ A new starting set While it will be slow, we are slowly going to have a tier 1 to 5 sets implemented in-game and restrict the current only gear (which is the latest gear in the future) from such immediate access. Taxi update We are going to update our teleporter a bit and re-setup everything according to our needs. Better guidance We are going to implement a few guidance NPCs all around the mall to help you guys find what you are looking for. Also, we are going to divide the mall into sections with greater distances between each section to another section. Current sections: Mounts, Quests, Praying Hall, Guarden Senate, PvP, Weapons vendors, Gear vendors, Transmogrification, Hunter's Pet Zone, PvP (battleground/arena). Also, we are going to submit a few guides here on our forum to help newcomers and existing members who wish to stay up to date with what's going on. Events We're going to populate TAXI's events with actual obstacles and an actual maze event with real prizes. Do note that to avoid confusion or possible reset at any point of time, we will implement a save system into the event that will save your data once you complete the event so you will not need to worry about ever completing it again and again after each reset. You will be able to capture your award at any time after completing it once. Bound per character & account ID simultaneously. Autobroadcasts Going to implement new autobroadcasts and rank them by importance so that more important ones will appear more often. Also, going to change their timer to 5 minutes instead of our current 7. Updated patch & druid "C" fix After we are done with all the new items we will instantly release a new patch. As for druid's "C" bug, it has been fixed and a custom .exe will be added to our downloads section. Using the new .exe is a perfect solution, it fixes it entirely AND it fixes the barbershop's bug when your level is 255. Updated applications Applications as in GM application, developer application and sort of reports (ban appeal, player report, staff report) will have a new format, same questions though. Just easier for us to handle and should be generally much better for us as staff members and for you as applicants. Totally a win-win. Rules & regulations Going to go through possible exploits with players' rules and regulations, as well as the forum's rules and regulations. Assistance with that will be more than appreciated - even awarded. Staff rules will remain hidden from non-staff members and will be revealed only to applicants whose application has been accepted. More information about how we will handle staff reports and how the community will know which rule a staff member might have violated will be displayed in a different thread. Ads! Yes, ads. After we are done with what's listed above, we will most likely have some additional staff members and developers and will attempt to push things further and faster. By that time, we are going to advertise massively on several websites and on several platforms. Additional notes: As of right now, we are under massive development. Once we have something ready - we implement and test. If it works - awesome, if not - we fix. All of that is being done LIVE! This is not how we want things to go and not how we want things to handle. What we want to have are versions. Update packs with a lot of new content and modifications all thrown at once. In case something is extremely broken and must be fixed asap we will release a hotfix once we have a solution. To be able to get such a thing we must make sure all that we are constructing fits well with the quality we aim for, which is why, in the future, we will need a test realm. Within test realm we will be able to have crashes which will not bother or disturb anyone, we will be able to test things without worrying about outcomes and we will be able to withdraw backup from the live realm at any point of time. We will be able to construct our update pack and test it and then release at the destined date. Before every major release, we will display a preview of what's coming, a list of what's changing and a list of fixes that took place. We aim to release every update pack every 3 months and each update pack will bring with it a whole new content. From storyline continuation to a new custom island, from spells adjustments for balance reasons to a new world boss, from a new patch to a new core we will use and of course, a new gear set with each update pack. As for misc and weapons, we aim to release a new set for them every 2 update packs (every 6 months), while the better versions of them will be dropped or awarded during the storyline missions or GM-hosted events awards. The new set will always be used as the better version of the current best set (will always be 1 tier above the best set) and will be used as the new donor set. Yes, new. The old set will be now used as the 2nd best set and will be the new vote set. So, to explain: voting and donating are shortcuts, not alternative ways to gear up. We do not base our content on anything other than storyline progress. However, we do allow other options to gear up more easily. Voting will give you the 2nd best set and donating will give you the best set, however, do keep in mind that this is going to change every 3 months! It will kind of force you to re-do the action over and over because it allows you to have the gear without completing the storyline, hereby skipping all previous sets. The only thing we are going to limit to donation-only items is the donor weapon set due to the fact it contains Berserk. Testers, VIPs, character selling, discounts, GM payments and how to get paid through Hellreach for the community are to be shared later on.
  6. Zero

    Melee Weapon Patch

    Version 1.0.2


    The patch will fix your "Requires Melee Weapon" bug when you're trying to use spells. You have to put the file into your Data folder which is located at your World of Warcraft folder
  7. Instadev

    Power System

    Have a limited protection or required power to withstand a specific area, a specific action or a require routine. Elaboration will be created in a separate dedicated thread. View full feature
  8. Instadev


    Adding the blizzlike ability to interact with the battleground organizer system via the "H" button, as well as editing the minimum/maximum amount per faction required/capacity per session within a battleground. More info will be released within a detailed information thread. View full feature
  9. We're now live! - Implemented Jeff the Story Teller in-game for our first phase's "pre-storyline" events' info. Will give out Transmogrification Tokens. - Added all classes' all available class weapons into the database, now implementing them onto the shops accordingly. - Implemented Aiden in-game, Will have a PvP quest to kill 10 players in a row - system is being developed, for now, will require a lifetime of 10 kills to complete (not a final version!). - Enabled Autobroadcast. - Added Autobroadcast messages' content. View full release
  10. Allphaomega

    Change of Plans - Releasing Today!

    Lets get it!
  11. Allphaomega

    Hello everyone.

    Hello everyone, I would just like to introduce myself briefly so you know my role here. My name is Tony, you can call my AllphaOmega or Allpha for short. I am currently a web dev, and GM in game. My duties are to maintain the proper working order of the forums and to assist in game when and if needed. I have YEARS of experience with IPB so you are all in extremely capable hands. I have coded and run my own servers in the past so I have knowledge of the game that is required by GMs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask
  12. Instadev

    Login Guide

    Hey guys. I create this thread to explain how someone is going to get in-game. 1. Create an account. Note: we have account validation process via an email your registered account should receive. Note that we may send a few verification emails to make sure this email is yours and is valid, so better not use any temporary emails. We will not spam you. Note: creating a forum account automatically creates an in-game account as well. 2. Go to your World of Warcraft directory folder (where your WoW is installed), there should be several folders, applications, and files, you need to go to the "Data" folder, then to the enUS or whatever game client version you have, there should be a file called realmlist.wtf. 3. Open the file via any text editing program you have (Notepad, Word, Notepad++). Erase all the content there and set it up as the following: set realmlist logon.hellreach.org Once you are done, save the file. 4. Go back to your wow.exe at your WoW directory and log in with step 1's credentials. 5. Log in-game and have fun playing. If you have any sort of feedback, bug report, suggestion or just want to share whatever is on your mind, feel free to use the forum's proper sections. Note that Hellreach uses Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a). Please make sure you've read our rules and regulations to avoid any unneeded warning/s or punishment. Enjoy your stay!
  13. Hey guys. Due to the fact we've reached a stable base in terms of starting content and the fact we're gathering more and more new accounts on a daily basis with new individuals who keep on asking both in public and in private when will the project launch, I've decided to change the release date to tonight. Please bear in mind that this is an open phase 1, meant for very very very limited access in terms of gameplay, content, mechanics, as well as systems and storyline. So what do we have so far? So far every member has his/her own account to be used for both, the forum and in-game. The username and password combination are exactly the same. We've finished most of our initial release plannings with a bit more to go, which will take place after we release and will be implemented via server restarts whenever required. In terms of content - there is currently 1 tier which will function as our base set and later on duplicated on a massive scale and have its stats adjusted accordingly so we will not need to adjust each set individually after we attempt our PvP balancing. The purpose of this phase The purpose is pretty straight forward - to adjust the overall PvP balancing while allowing you guys have a glance at some of the systems we've been working on and get an overall idea of where this is going towards in the future. Of course, suggestions are always welcome and honest feedback is always more than welcome. Keep in mind we're at a super early stage of development and sharp turns can be taken at any moment based upon any event - the community's feedback or a development /administration's point of view. Of course, everything will be transparent and will be shared with the community in advance. Please make sure you report any bug, exploit or anything strange you witness at our bug tracker.
  14. Review the current rules set and improve it, fix possible exploits and fill missing rules. View full feature
  15. Instadev

    System Integration

    Intograte to a new, better application system which will be used for reports as well. View full feature
  16. Instadev

    Staff Recruitment

    Initiate recruiting stage for ingame staff, forum moderators and administration team for phase 1. View full feature
  17. Instadev

    Seeking Staff Members

    Hey guys! We are really close to phase 1's release and along with it, the need for GMs. We currently need at least 4 GMs. Please take a look at the requirements within the description of the application. Note that once your application gets accepted you will have access ingame and will be guided by our standards and course of actions, especially during our test phases. You may apply once, an answer will be given as soon as possible. Staff members enjoy exclusive benefits which will not be elaborated, however their required functionality is to help the community and rules enforcement, even at this early stage. Please do bare that in mind when appying. Apply here:
  18. Instadev

    Hellreach's Rules

    Hellreach's General Rules Once you create an account on Hellreach you automatically agree to all of the rules below - failure to do so can lead into a character, account or IP suspensions. Duration may vary based on the severity of your felony. This post may not always cover all the required rules for clean and safe game-play, therefore if a staff member finds your recent act(s) problematic, they reserve the right to take action (if permitted to do so by the staff's agenda). Punishments may differ based on the damage caused (if not listed & agreed upon by the Administration team). Please note that this thread will constantly remain under time-to-time modifications, sometimes without any announcements. Checking it from time to time is highly recommended. Possible punishment that is being listed beneath the rule is by an ascending order, starting from 1st offense to the last offense by its specified order. - When a mute is being specified, it can be either world chat mute (which is a less severe punishment) or a normal mute (which is the standard punishment). - When we see (+number for further offenses) it means the previously mentioned punishment + the listed amount of additional punishment and every time this felony repeats it will be +2 the previous punishment. Global 1. Hellreach is an English speaking server, therefore we ask you to keep other languages out of world chat and any other public communication methods that are intended for English only usage (such as General, Trade, LocalDefense and LookingForGroup). Punishment: warning, 5 minutes mute, 20 minutes mute + kick, 1 day account ban (+2 for further offenses). 2. Hacking is not accepted on Hellreach. Hacking means using external programs or internal in-game mechanics or exploits to give you an unfair advantage over other members by any means. Punishment: 30 days account ban, permanent account ban (with an option for unban), account deletion (no restoration possible). 3. No flooding, spamming or advertising. Note: advertising = mentioning another server's name. Punishment: 5 minutes mute, 30 minutes mute, 2 days account ban (+3 for further offenses). Important note: advertising = permanent account + IP ban). Editing / deleting and creating a ticket multiple times in a short duration of time is not allowed and is being considered as spamming. Creating a new ticket with a similar or identical problem to a previously already-solved issue within a short time frame is being considered as spamming. 4. Respect other members/staff members and their preferences. Do not insult or annoy other members/staff members. Punishment: 10 minutes mute, 1 hour mute, 2 days account ban (+3 for further offenses). No racism, vulgar vocabulary abuse and humiliation. Discussing forbidden/classified topics and/or sharing illegal materials is not allowed. 5. No scamming - using another member's trust/gullibility/lack of knowledge for joke or any sort of one-sided advantage at the cost of another's belongings/data. Punishment: 10 days account ban, 60 days account ban (+120 for further offenses). 6. Do not impersonate another member/staff member. Punishment for members: 10 days account ban, 30 days account ban (+15 for further offenses). Punishment for staff members: 30 days account ban, 120 days account ban (+60 for further offenses). Impersonating a staff member is more severe and will inflict additional punishment(s). Hellreach's staff members will NEVER ask for your login credentials, will NEVER ask for your private information (unless specifically specified in the rules that they are allowed to do so) and will ALWAYS have a <GM> tag (or a <Dev> tag for developers) and a GM chat (badge) enabled in the text field. 7. Please do not whisper staff members in-game unless you are permitted to do so. If you have a question please create a ticket. If you have anything to report, use the ticket system or the report page on the forum. Punishment: warning, 5 minutes mute, 15 minutes mute, 1 hour mute (+3 for further offenses). Asking questions in world chat is allowed but if you need personal attention please create a ticket and a staff member will contact to you as soon as possible. 8. Only you are allowed to use your account. Do not give your password to anyone and do not attempt to log into anyone else's account. Punishment: permanent account + IP ban. Using another member's accounts is NOT accepted. If a member is asking you to log into their account or give them the password for your account for any reason, say "no" and report instantly! Note: we will need a proof to initiate our handling over the situation, please be sure to provide evidence. This also means you are not allowed to access abandoned accounts either, even with their permission. 9. Found bugs must be reported on the forum or by creating a ticket in-game or using the forum's bug report form. Exploiting bugs and using them for own advantage is not allowed. Punishment: 2 days account ban, 5 days account ban, 10 days account ban (+3 for further offenses). Do not report bugs in world chat. If reported on the forum, please fill the "Report a Bug" form. 10. Members have the right to appeal the server's staff decisions on the forum by creating a support ticket. A proof is required along with a full and accurate description of the incident and an explanation for why the staff member's action was not fair or legal. Posting an appeal/complaint with false information or withholding important piece of information is not allowed and considered as a possible fraud attempt. Punishment: ignorance of the current appeal, 30 days account + IP ban (+30 for further offenses). 11. You have the right to claim refund on any items/stats/spell lost as a result of a bug or the server staff's fault. In order to get a refund you need to create a new support ticket and include all the details and circumstances accompanied by evidence (screenshot/video). Faking an evidence is strictly forbidden! Additionally, if your loss is a result of a bug, post a bug report (see #9). Punishment: 20 days account ban, 60 days account + IP ban (+30 for further offenses). 12. Being found with added spells or items is not allowed as we consider it as having an advantage over other members through CHEATING. Punishment: added spells/items removal + warning, account ban (permanent with an option for unban) until a said otherwise by a Supervisor+ with a written statement of the member of how it has been achieved. The item / spell will get removed from the member. If the member refuses to have the item / spell removed (logging out in the process of removal) the character will get locked and only being unlocked after the item / spell will be removed. In addition if the member logs on another character immediately after trying to avoid item / spell removal he will be punished accordingly. 13. Having a character or guild with inappropriate names is not accepted on Hellreach. Punishment: guild/character force rename, 5 days account ban (+3 for further offenses). The character found with such names will be flagged for a name change, if being found a second time with another name like that - will lead into character deletion. Guilds with such names will be disbanded immediately. 14. Respect other member's privacy. Don't give any information regarding other members' online information or personal life. Punishment: 20 days account ban, 60 days account ban (+30 for further offenses). 15. A staff member with a minimal rank of Supervisor is allowed to ask you for proof of your donations at random frequency. Refusing to do so will lead to extended investigation led by the same Supervisor or above. Punishment: account lock until said otherwise by a Supervisor+ OR valid donation proof has been given by the member. 16. Running around with heavy visual spells is forbidden. Avoiding casting visual spells on NPCs or members without their approval. Punishment: unaura + warning, character kick, 1 day account ban (+1 for further offenses). 17. Do not go into places that are not meant for public usage, such as GM Island or staff's private zones. Punishment: recall + warning, kick + 2nd warning, 1 day account ban (+1 for further offenses). Summoning members to these areas is forbidden. Anyone breaking the above rules may be banned from the server. VIPs and Elites are NOT excluded from following the rules. VIPs 1. Do not use VIP commands in order to flee out of combat (.tele, .summon, .appear). 2. No VIP is allowed to summon or appear to another member or staff member without permission to do so. 3. Don't use any commands to cause any member or staff member's client to crash or force a character to get stuck. 4. Using VIP commands to cheat in events is not accepted. 5. Teleportation to staff private zones is strictly forbidden, same for summoning other members or staff members in there. 6. Don't create guilds for anyone unless they gave you permission for it. 7. Don't use very large or very small morphs to your advantage during PvP. 8. Don't morph other members or staff members without their approval first. Morphing NPCs is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL! 9. No invisible or near-invisible morphs are allowed. Important note: VIPs will have their own streak system, each felony increases the count by 1. When reaching 3, the issue will be moved to a Supervisor+ and an appropriate punishment will be decided at the given moment. Note that the ability to remove your VIP entirely is bound to an Administrator+ and will take place whenever needed, based on these events. For appeal purposes, contact the administration team through a support ticket. Important notes: 1. Hellreach holds a custom anticheat version that automatically bans all hackers for a specific duration of time as required by the system's modifiers. The ban duration are: 30 days, permanent (with an option for an unban) and an account deletion. Note that all ban appeals created in regards of hacking may be declined if the appeal is being posted along with a screenshot of the system's automated ban message (which is colored in different text colors and is impossible to fake directly in-game). By displaying the screenshot, ban appeal can be denied instantly. Once denied and you still think you should be unbanned, contact an Administrator by creating a support ticket. 2. All donations given to Hellreach are being given willingly. Hellreach's staff members will NEVER force anyone to pay to play. Once you have donated, you agree that the money will not return to you under any circumstances. Once the transaction has been completed, your account will hold an amount of Donor Points (the same value as the amount of US Dollars you have donated) and if, at any time, a refund will be needed - it will affect your Donor Points value. Nothing else. 3. Hellreach is NOT to be held responsible for ANY attempted action (or possibly fraud) made through the game/forum or third party programs in regards to player-to-player transactions, goods, services, sales or deals. Being caught doing so will result in an appropriate punishment for both sides, if information is found and enough proof has been collected. 4. Hellreach is NOT to be held responsible for ANY attempted PC/information intrusion attempts (or successes) through possible viruses, trojans, keyloggers or any other unauthorized (not shared by Hellreach's staff through the forum) third party program, executable file (or any extension for this matter) or websites. We do NOT recommend downloading files from a non-trust-worthy source nor do we recommend opening a malware-infected site that is possibly being sent by a member of the community or a staff member. If you suspect the site or file is corrupted or infected, don't go there (or don't download it) and report so we'll be able to quickly and safely remove it! Failing to do so will be at your own risk and Hellreach's staff, community or Administration team is NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! 5. Hellreach has some built-in security systems that will function automatically. Please pay attention to what they notify you as some of them might have a built-in ban mechanic implemented.
  19. Forum: - Hellreach is now hiring Game Masters! As a result, added Game Master Application form here: Ignore the developer form, we're just displaying it so people will know what's required to be a developer. An application will be done later on - Added a new advertising slider for this with a new background image - Edited the "vote for us" slider's text - Currently seeking a PHP developer for a custom app / plugin / page development for registration purposes - Will go through https://hellreach.org/bug-tracker & https://hellreach.org/suggestions-tracker and will edit accordingly View full release
  20. Instadev

    Hellreach - Lucifer's Downfall

    Hey guys. I'd like to welcome you all to Hellreach. We're attempting to build a funserver, max level 255, all spells + talents available, mainly PvP server with crazy haste combined with a custom storyline we're writing ourselves and custom & unique features never seen anywhere else. We will have phases due to the scale of this project, we cannot release everything at once as we believe in quality above quantity. We would like to have 3 phases: Phase 1 - PvP phase. During this phase members will be locked in one area split into 2 fields, PvP OFF (gearing up, healing up, cooldown waiting time) and PvP ON fields. We will not reveal everything we have so far and will not share any information or content about what is to come later on. The purpose of this phase is to test our PvP system and give feedback. Phase 2 - PvE phase. During this stage we will still allow PvP, but will not be the main focus from our developers team. This will no longer lock members at a single area and will be able to use SOME features, in addition to the ability to try world bosses and some quests to get a feeling of what is to come. Phase 3 - An open Beta of the server which will allow access to everything we've worked on and will continue to work on. No limitations. * Be aware: characters during these stages 1 and 2 might get wiped out after each phase (or during a phase) to maintain a clear database free of exploits that were already resolved during a specific phase. Phase 2 will introduce 4 additional gear sets (overall of 5 by the time we release) and a matching storyline & methods to achieve each gear item/set. We do not believe in pay to win, every item available in the vote and donor shop will be available in-game for free as well, hereby making voting / donating a "shortcut" to get a specific item or set you desire. Updates: we plan on releasing a major update every 3 months, what we call an update pack. Each update pack might bring something entirely new to the game or renew existing content (may vary between item sets, weapons, misc, a new zone available full of storyline continuation, a new world boss, new loot, updated statistics and stats, new visuals, new systems, updating existing systems, new features, bug and exploit fixes and balancing tweaks). In case there's a hotfix required - be sure it will be implemented as soon as possible. The phases and the overall Beta will cease once we release our first update pack, about 3 months once we're into Beta, and will represent the official release of the server Hellreach and the realm Lucifer's Downfall. We are about to release Phase 1 very soon (the following week) and along with it we will open our Discord channel to the public.
  21. Instadev

    Interactive Creatures

    Talk in /say to NPCs with the ability to have right/wrong answers that will affect the way the NPC talks or behaves with your specific character in-game. Ask questions, state your declarations and promise your promises - it will all be witnessed to this very particular & unique AI. Storyline related system. View full feature
  22. Instadev

    Forum Systems

    Implement various systems onto the forum that'll represent our in-game progress. Systems implemented: Release Notes Bug Tracker Suggestion Tracker Project Management ("todo list") Character Selling System Application Forms Vote / Donation panel Withdraw functionally FAQ Giveaways Quizzes (+awards) Server Status (+online list) In-Game Account Creation (through the forum) And we plan a lot more! View full feature
  23. Instadev

    Dynamic Graveyard

    This system will allow the server to dynamically spawn dead characters onto one of 3 custom graveyards within the starting area during the initial PvP-phase. View full feature
  24. Zanthe


    How can I be of service?
  25. Dandi


    @Zanthe help him
  26. Instadev

    Account Worth

    This feature will allow our community members the option of buying characters from permanently banned accounts in-game based on total value of the character's possessions. Permanent ban cannot be lifted and the characters will then be erased after 90 days of inactivity. View full feature
  27. Instadev

    First One to Say...

    This random event will occur every now and then and will benefit people who say what the system requires you to say to win an award. Winning streaks will grant you more awards and it will only increase over time. Streak ends when you fail to submit the sentence 1 minute after the event took place or you've been beaten by someone else to say it first. View full feature
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