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    Hey guys. So, it has been a while since we last updated you guys, so it's time to reveal what has been planned and what is to be done in the very near future - starting tomorrow. For starters - overall character wipeout. Yes, all of your data will be deleted. Your accounts will still exist, but your characters will be erased. As you might know, we want to base most of our content on storyline related tasks and PvP. Since PvP is still not in its full potential we will still wait with gearing phase (tier 1 to 5) and will attempt to do several things while we attempt to balance the set. In terms of storyline, we base all of our content based upon it. We might release parts of it here as short stories later on. Change of awards We are going to change all the quests' awards. Transmogrification tokens will no longer be your only award. As a matter of fact, it will bind to a new system we are building. Quests will award a tier token, which will be used at our new temporary gear shop. Overall of 8 pieces of gear within the shop for each class. As for misc - it will drop as loot from bosses or other NPCs you are required to slay. Weapons will bind to daily quests, you will be able to gain 1 weapon per day, which should be enough. As of right now, we will use tier 5 weapons but in the near future, we will change it as well. In the meanwhile, to avoid problems of missing weapons and a required melee weapon bug, we will implement a temporary set of weapons which will be 20% of the stats our current weapons have with no spells on them, only 20% of all the stats. A new shop We are building a new shop to allow purchases of our current tier 5 set with a new coin: Tier 5 Coin. Registration modifications As you know, when creating an account on the forum you automatically create an account in-game as well. We're going to make sure this is known to all our newcomers by adding this statement onto our registration page. Soon we will convert our registration system with a new & better one that will have an interface of its own and will focus all the required data in a single field in one interface on our forum. Account creation will take place only for the forum when visiting the /register page and once an account has been approved it will only then allow for in-game account creation. Once created, a new interface will appear, including vote panel, points status (vote points and donor points), ban status (banned or not banned), ban history (if exists), current characters on your account, change in-game password only (change forum password will be done from a different page), account purchases history (from in-game vote/donor shops). Obviously, as your rank goes up you will have more possibilities available. VIPs will have their latest GM commands used page, Game Masters will have GM panel (administrators will have administrator panel) and the ability to view tickets & reply to them as well as use several limited commands through a special interface console (administrators will have greater access). A new system We're going to implement a new exchanging/transformation system. You will be able to trade your Tier 5 Coins for Transmogrification Tokens. This is one-way only. Each coin/token is soulbound so you cannot trade it with your friends. Another new system We are going to develop our own self-recognizing system that will count kills based upon real-time kills while ignoring repeated kills of the same target over and over. The system will ignore the same character from killing the same character over and over and still increase the satisfaction of the overall required kills AND will disallow multiboxing kills via IP detection. A possible mini-feature is AFK detection. The system will detect movement every X seconds and will determine which member is AFK and which isn't. AFK members will not be considered as kills. The system is meant to be used during our storyline. When required to kill X members, this system will be initiated. Lifetime kills does not matter. Several new systems Yeah, I cannot really describe all of them, but know that we have in mind a lot of custom systems we need to implement to allow a steady flow for the storyline. Right now what we have in mind is a suggestions system, a riddling system, automated events (right now we have hide and seek and last man standing), playtime awards, improved killstreak and the list goes on and on here: https://www.hellreach.org/forum/4-future-updates/ A new starting set While it will be slow, we are slowly going to have a tier 1 to 5 sets implemented in-game and restrict the current only gear (which is the latest gear in the future) from such immediate access. Taxi update We are going to update our teleporter a bit and re-setup everything according to our needs. Better guidance We are going to implement a few guidance NPCs all around the mall to help you guys find what you are looking for. Also, we are going to divide the mall into sections with greater distances between each section to another section. Current sections: Mounts, Quests, Praying Hall, Guarden Senate, PvP, Weapons vendors, Gear vendors, Transmogrification, Hunter's Pet Zone, PvP (battleground/arena). Also, we are going to submit a few guides here on our forum to help newcomers and existing members who wish to stay up to date with what's going on. Events We're going to populate TAXI's events with actual obstacles and an actual maze event with real prizes. Do note that to avoid confusion or possible reset at any point of time, we will implement a save system into the event that will save your data once you complete the event so you will not need to worry about ever completing it again and again after each reset. You will be able to capture your award at any time after completing it once. Bound per character & account ID simultaneously. Autobroadcasts Going to implement new autobroadcasts and rank them by importance so that more important ones will appear more often. Also, going to change their timer to 5 minutes instead of our current 7. Updated patch & druid "C" fix After we are done with all the new items we will instantly release a new patch. As for druid's "C" bug, it has been fixed and a custom .exe will be added to our downloads section. Using the new .exe is a perfect solution, it fixes it entirely AND it fixes the barbershop's bug when your level is 255. Updated applications Applications as in GM application, developer application and sort of reports (ban appeal, player report, staff report) will have a new format, same questions though. Just easier for us to handle and should be generally much better for us as staff members and for you as applicants. Totally a win-win. Rules & regulations Going to go through possible exploits with players' rules and regulations, as well as the forum's rules and regulations. Assistance with that will be more than appreciated - even awarded. Staff rules will remain hidden from non-staff members and will be revealed only to applicants whose application has been accepted. More information about how we will handle staff reports and how the community will know which rule a staff member might have violated will be displayed in a different thread. Ads! Yes, ads. After we are done with what's listed above, we will most likely have some additional staff members and developers and will attempt to push things further and faster. By that time, we are going to advertise massively on several websites and on several platforms. Additional notes: As of right now, we are under massive development. Once we have something ready - we implement and test. If it works - awesome, if not - we fix. All of that is being done LIVE! This is not how we want things to go and not how we want things to handle. What we want to have are versions. Update packs with a lot of new content and modifications all thrown at once. In case something is extremely broken and must be fixed asap we will release a hotfix once we have a solution. To be able to get such a thing we must make sure all that we are constructing fits well with the quality we aim for, which is why, in the future, we will need a test realm. Within test realm we will be able to have crashes which will not bother or disturb anyone, we will be able to test things without worrying about outcomes and we will be able to withdraw backup from the live realm at any point of time. We will be able to construct our update pack and test it and then release at the destined date. Before every major release, we will display a preview of what's coming, a list of what's changing and a list of fixes that took place. We aim to release every update pack every 3 months and each update pack will bring with it a whole new content. From storyline continuation to a new custom island, from spells adjustments for balance reasons to a new world boss, from a new patch to a new core we will use and of course, a new gear set with each update pack. As for misc and weapons, we aim to release a new set for them every 2 update packs (every 6 months), while the better versions of them will be dropped or awarded during the storyline missions or GM-hosted events awards. The new set will always be used as the better version of the current best set (will always be 1 tier above the best set) and will be used as the new donor set. Yes, new. The old set will be now used as the 2nd best set and will be the new vote set. So, to explain: voting and donating are shortcuts, not alternative ways to gear up. We do not base our content on anything other than storyline progress. However, we do allow other options to gear up more easily. Voting will give you the 2nd best set and donating will give you the best set, however, do keep in mind that this is going to change every 3 months! It will kind of force you to re-do the action over and over because it allows you to have the gear without completing the storyline, hereby skipping all previous sets. The only thing we are going to limit to donation-only items is the donor weapon set due to the fact it contains Berserk. Testers, VIPs, character selling, discounts, GM payments and how to get paid through Hellreach for the community are to be shared later on.
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