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    Hey guys. I create this thread to explain how someone is going to get in-game. 1. Create an account. Note: we have account validation process via an email your registered account should receive. Note that we may send a few verification emails to make sure this email is yours and is valid, so better not use any temporary emails. We will not spam you. Note: creating a forum account automatically creates an in-game account as well. 2. Go to your World of Warcraft directory folder (where your WoW is installed), there should be several folders, applications, and files, you need to go to the "Data" folder, then to the enUS or whatever game client version you have, there should be a file called realmlist.wtf. 3. Open the file via any text editing program you have (Notepad, Word, Notepad++). Erase all the content there and set it up as the following: set realmlist logon.hellreach.org Once you are done, save the file. 4. Go back to your wow.exe at your WoW directory and log in with step 1's credentials. 5. Log in-game and have fun playing. If you have any sort of feedback, bug report, suggestion or just want to share whatever is on your mind, feel free to use the forum's proper sections. Note that Hellreach uses Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a). Please make sure you've read our rules and regulations to avoid any unneeded warning/s or punishment. Enjoy your stay!
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