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Army Ranks

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Corps and Divisions Operations:
1. Team ~ 5 members, led by a Staff Sergeant
2. Squad ~ 4 Teams, led by a Second / First Lieutenant
3. Platoon ~ 2 Squads, led by a Captain
4. Company ~ 2 Platoons, led by a Major
5. Battalion ~ 2 Companies, led by a Colonel

Regular Members

1. Private - level 80 member, under 24 hours of in-game playtime
2. Corporal - a Private with above 24 hours of in-game playtime but less than 168 hours of in-game playtime
3. Sergeant - a Corporal with 168 hours of in-game playtime and above

1. Staff Sergeant - a Corporal / Sergeant who passed a commandership course
*After passing, no courses will be available anymore as your primary role will be the best for your Team. No distractions.
*Must be in the role for 336 in-game hours before accessing any advancement. No exceptions.

1. Second Lieutenant - a Staff Sergeant who passed Officers course
2. First Lieutenant - a Second Lieutenant who has been promoted by his/her Captain
3. Captain - a Second Lieutenant who has been promoted by his/her Major

Senior Officers
4. Major - a Captain who has been promoted by his/her Colonel
5. Colonel - a Major who has been promoted by the server's General
6. General - head of the server

Roles & Missions
Regular Members
Private - a newcomer, able to gear up through missions from his, or his Squad's Commander(s). Can interact with other members from all over the server, disregarding their Team, Squad, Platoon, Company or Battalion. May explore the server by all means, but must obey all commands from his/her Commander or above. May participate in Squad/Platoon events whenever available.

Corporal - a Private that gathered 24 hours of in-game playtime. Can now access courses and advance within his/her Squad. Has higher priority within the Team and work will be narrowed down to more specified fields, according to what his/her Commanders has chosen.

Sergeant - a Corporal that has gathered 168 hours of in-game playtime and above. Has higher priority within the Team and Squad and will work on selected jobs only. Once finished a course, may address his/her Commander in requirement to instruct a completed course next time. May be used for unusual activities, such as spying, going undercover and, if permitted, functioning as a temporary Commander if non of the Squad's Commanders are available (must be notified in advance and permitted by an Officer).

Staff Sergeant - a Corporal / Sergeant who passed Commandership course. Now is in charge of a Team of up to 5 members. Can assign missions to members within his/her Team, and may take charge in case other Commanders within the Squad are offline and their presence is needed.

Second Lieutenant - a Staff Sergeant who passed Officers course. Now in charge of a Squad (up to 4 classes, ~20 members). Responsible of training commanders for his/her Squad, manage the Squad's rules and regulations, give clear instructions to all Squad members at all times, arrange Squad events and make sure all the rules are being enforced. May approve special cases of various situations, contact your Captain for more info within your Platoon.

First Lieutenant - a Second Lieutenant who has been promoted by his/her Captain. This officer has the same role as a Second Lieutenant, but has more privileges and can access more features. Through this rank you can influence your Platoon more, but keep in mind you are still a Squad leader!
Note: starting this rank you can start accessing additional roles (non-Platoon related).

Captain - a First Lieutenant who has been promoted by his/her Major. This rank is the final rank you can achieve without any additional courses. You are a Platoon leader (2 Squads, ~40 members). You are in charge of this Platoon's rules enforcement, officers, commanders, salaries, budget and reputation. If anything goes wrong, you are the one to take the blame. If everything goes right - you are the one who gets special bonuses you can share with your Platoon.

Senior Officers
Major - a Captain who passed Senior Officers course and has been approved by a Colonel (or above). This is a limited rank within the server and is to function as one of 2 roles: head of a Company, or head of Department (depends on which department).
As head of a Company your role is to make sure both your Platoon are functioning well, no abuses are taking place, initiate investigations if you suspect something is wrong. You will be called to handle higher-ranked reports (like a Captain abuses) and you will be able to interfere with Platoon actions and override existing Platoon (or lower) rules in order to improve your Company.
You get Company budget and you decide which Platoon gets how much.
As head of a Department, you will be in charge of making sure that department is functioning as intended. You will be able to hire officers to help you out, get agent to do the physical interaction for your department and make sure everything is being reported by all officers on time so you can plan your next actions regarding the server through your Department.
You can request which role you would like and it will be up to a Colonel to approve or decline your request.

Colonel - a Major who has been promoted by the server's General. A Colonel is in charge of making sure all senior officers are doing their job appropriately and assign others to make sure officers and commanders are doing their job as intended. A Colonel can function as one of 2 roles:
- Head of a Battalion: make sure both your Majors are doing their work appropriately.
- Head of a Department: make sure your Department is running smoothly. Hire additional officers if you need more work done.

Possible Courses:
Conditions: must be a Corporal or a Sergeant.
How-to: ask your Commander to register you to a course. More information about this course (availability, duration, rewards, etc) will be through your Commander.
Possible courses:
1. Healer course
2. Defender course
3. Attacker course
4. Speed course (100% mount)
5. Advanced Speed course (flying mount)
6. ?- Cooking course -?
7. Commandership course (must complete at least 2 courses beforehand, excluding 8 and 9) 
8. Officers course (must complete 7 beforehand)
9. Advanced Officers course (must complete 8 beforehand)

Punishment Methods & Rules Enforcement
Your Team, Squad and Platoon have their own rules. Breaking them will cause you to get punished according to what the rules define as it appears (otherwise - you may report the officer in charge of this action).
When you're being reported or caught breaking general server-rules (such as hacking or swearing) - you will be forwarded for trial in front of your Captain.
Trial - a trial is in front of your Captain (or higher) and gives you the right to explain your actions, no immediate action is taken without your say in it (with pending duration of up to 24 hours, then the default punishment will be taken which is 30 days account ban). After explaining yourself, your Captain (or higher) will decide what your punishment will be. The punishment can range from a fee collection (less budget for you when budget is being given), rank demotion, Class, Squad or Platoon move and can result even an account ban.
General server rules include: no hacking, no swearing, no impersonating, no data leaking, no scamming, no spamming, and no account sharing. Additional rules will be revealed depends on the Class, Squad and Platoon you're in.

Personnel Department - led by a Colonel. This department is in charge of every member-related action (rank, moving Team/Squad/Platoon, requests to be forwarded to the appropriate departments). This department is always busy as each course that's about to start, registrations, inactivity reports, new commanders, new officers, demotions, members' reports and whatnot go through this department first.

Courses Department - led by a Major. This department is in charge of hosting all sort of courses while working side-by-side with the Personnel and Budget departments. This department can assign course graduates as course trainers, design the course from the bottom and create/remove new/old courses. Indicates which courses require an interview at the end, hours of activity and more.

Enforcement Department - led by a Major. This department is in charge of listing all the server rules and their enforcement by commanders and officers, as well as approving Squad/Platoon rules as they are listed by the appropriate officers. Any rules change goes through this department. Every enforcement must be reported to this department (which will forward it to Personnel) and every report must be provided through this department (for promotion/demotion/course participation reasons). Investigations will be done through this department as well. Every external trial (non-Platoon) will be logged as well.

Budget Department - led by a Colonel. This department is in charge of funding the server and its economics. Every existing Platoon has expenses (funding a course, commanders/officers salaries, event rewards, new comers guidance, etc), these expenses go to this department. This department (along with Personnel) will rank Battalions and Platoons and will privately declare to the appropriate officers what's their weekly budget. Low budget means less events, less worthy rewards and less possible courses to promote.

Additional Roles
Additional roles may be requested by a veteran member (Sergeants for 2 months or higher) and are bound to the department's approval, for instance: a new officer is required by the Personnel department - any officer can apply but only when the department officially says one is required.
Non-officers may apply through their commander for assistants positions.
Special roles are for people who wish to help defining the server and its smaller details, such at which dates each course can take place, how many participants, what would be the requirements, sending investigation agents to check on Platoons, checking on commanders, defining promotion standards for officers and senior officers, managing interviews, etc.

Each Platoon has its own budget based on its reputation and general behavior, rules enforcement, activity, members count, bonuses, salaries and more.
Every week the Budget Department will have to forward each Platoon budget based upon the standards the Platoon sets, which is obtained through critiques and Platoon reports (with the appropriate departments' access).
The Platoon leader is in charge of assigning roles to make the Platoon run efficiently, without letting Senior Officers worry about this Platoon, hereby receiving higher budget which can grant the Platoon special perks and bonuses and features they can access.
Authority ranks may access the Platoon's budget (limitations will be set by the Captain) for their own usage (Staff Sergeant -> Team, Lieutenants -> Squad). These points can be used to host events, granting items (for PvP/PvE), salaries (defined by your Captain), etc.
Keep in mind - a black market option to transfer points from one another exists. All income must be through the Budget department only. If you wish to transfer money to another member, commander or officer - you must do so through the appropriate system!

Important notes:
- Ranks bound per account, not character(s)
- Staff Sergeants will be moved, if necessary, to wherever needed (different Squad, Platoon, Company or Battalion).
- After being inactive for 30 days, your account will be deleted. Commanders, Officers and Senior Officers - 14 days (unless notified in advance).
- You must not bypass authority by any means. If you need personal help - your Commander is your #1 source to get help. If you have a complaint, you may talk to your Squad's Commanders and they will forward it to your Squad's Officer. In case of higher-ranked complaints, address your Commander for help.
- Failing to report a bug, an exploit, or any rule that is being broken by any member of the server is a felony which will be treated by a Platoon's staff (or higher).
- Failing to arrive to a registered course will result in a trial as your Squad or Platoon funded it for you.

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Salaries Calculations
Private - 100 Points
Corporal - 150 Points
Sergeant - 250 Points
(each additional completed course will grant you additional 100 Points)

Staff Sergeant - 600 Points
(this rank's previous courses persist and append the salary of a Staff Sergeant)

Second Lieutenant - 1,500 Points
First Lieutenant - 2,500 Points
Captain - 5,500 Points

Major - 12,000 Points
Colonel - 25,000 Points

Important note: all salaries are for personal usage only (though, can be donated to your Platoon), they do not affect the budget of any Corps or Divisions! These points will be useful if you want to get items or access to systems in-game, fund someone else yourself or share your goods. Will also be used as a currency for crimes and if the punishment is a fine to pay for.


Courses Costs
Healer - 200 per registration
Defender - 200 per registration
Attack - 250 per registration
Speed - 500 per registration
Advanced Speed - 1,000 per registration (completed Speed required)
Cooking - 300 per registration
*other profession courses* - 300 per registration

Commandership - 10,000 per registration

Officers - 30,000 per registration

Senior Officers - 85,000 per registration

Important note: your Squad/Platoon/Battalion may help you fund your courses, but may also fund it partially, leaving you to gather the gap and complete it yourself. All depends on your Squad/Platoon/Battalion's terms.


Platoon Budget
Payment per ACTIVE member (Private - Sergeant) of each Platoon - 100 Points -> 4000
Payment per ACTIVE commander (Staff Sergeant) - 250 Points -> 1000
Payment per ACTIVE officer (Lieutenant) - 500 Points -> 1000
Payment per ACTIVE officer (Captain) - 1000 Points -> 1000
Bonus payments depending on overall activity (Platoon overall members playtime must reach X, reached Y) - 100 Points per bonus hour (disregarding rank) ~15,000
Platoon donations
Weekly grant based upon the Platoon's activity, enforcement and critiques (bad = 0-15,000 | neutral = 15,000 - 45,000 | positive = 45,000 - 100,000 | extremely positive = 100,000 - 500,000)
Note: if critiques do not take place, the last critique will be re-used.

Important note: "ACTIVE" is a definition the Budget Department will elaborate upon when contacted in-game as it requires minimum hours of in-game playtime per week.


Platoon Expenses
Each Platoon has its own expenses, from salaries to course funding and micro-transactions. Anything that can cost a Senior Officer time or involve a Department of some sort (that CANNOT be solved within the Platoon alone), such as:
- Request to move to a new Squad / Platoon (Personnel Department involved)
- Course reservation cancellation (Courses Department involved)
- Course registration (Courses Department involved)
- Misc features (they have their own upkeep costs, described within the system)
- Critique re-inspection for better funding (Enforcement Department involved)
- Rules & Regulations re-inspection (Enforcement Department involved)
- Request an appeal (Enforcement Department involved)
- Funding elaboration - explain why the weekly budget is X instead of Y (Budget Department involved)
- Some spare time - contact a Colonel directly (with the approval of your superiors, under the Colonel's approval)
- Thorough investigation - inspect one's actions and access all the permitted logs (involves all departments)


Vote & Donation Points
Each Vote Point / Donation Point can be used to purchase personal Points or donate to your Platoon's budget (increased amount).
1 Vote Point = 150 personal Points / 400 Platoon budget
1 Donation Point = 800 personal Points / 2000 Platoon budget


Trial Sentences
Private - Second Lieutenant -> if a punishment is listed within your Squad, Platoon or Company rules - the enforcement shall take place within your Captain's office by your Captain (if you've been caught and reported by the Enforcement Department or your Company member). Otherwise - you will have to be in a trial in front of a Senior Officer (Major and above).
Captain and higher -> trial by your superior, up to General.
Appealing: possible only through the forum and will cost your Squad/Platoon. They can re-charge you within your next salary or fund it themselves. You may only appeal once and you may get only one result per appeal.

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