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Hellreach - Lucifer's Downfall

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Hey guys. I'd like to welcome you all to Hellreach.
We're attempting to build a funserver, max level 255, all spells + talents available, mainly PvP server with crazy haste combined with a custom storyline we're writing ourselves and custom & unique features never seen anywhere else.
We will have phases due to the scale of this project, we cannot release everything at once as we believe in quality above quantity. We would like to have 3 phases:
Phase 1 - PvP phase. During this phase members will be locked in one area split into 2 fields, PvP OFF (gearing up, healing up, cooldown waiting time) and PvP ON fields. We will not reveal everything we have so far and will not share any information or content about what is to come later on. The purpose of this phase is to test our PvP system and give feedback.
Phase 2 - PvE phase. During this stage we will still allow PvP, but will not be the main focus from our developers team. This will no longer lock members at a single area and will be able to use SOME features, in addition to the ability to try world bosses and some quests to get a feeling of what is to come.
Phase 3 - An open Beta of the server which will allow access to everything we've worked on and will continue to work on. No limitations.
* Be aware: characters during these stages 1 and 2 might get wiped out after each phase (or during a phase) to maintain a clear database free of exploits that were already resolved during a specific phase.

Phase 2 will introduce 4 additional gear sets (overall of 5 by the time we release) and a matching storyline & methods to achieve each gear item/set.
We do not believe in pay to win, every item available in the vote and donor shop will be available in-game for free as well, hereby making voting / donating a "shortcut" to get a specific item or set you desire.
Updates: we plan on releasing a major update every 3 months, what we call an update pack. Each update pack might bring something entirely new to the game or renew existing content (may vary between item sets, weapons, misc, a new zone available full of storyline continuation, a new world boss, new loot, updated statistics and stats, new visuals, new systems, updating existing systems, new features, bug and exploit fixes and balancing tweaks). In case there's a hotfix required - be sure it will be implemented as soon as possible.

The phases and the overall Beta will cease once we release our first update pack, about 3 months once we're into Beta, and will represent the official release of the server Hellreach and the realm Lucifer's Downfall.
We are about to release Phase 1 very soon (the following week) and along with it we will open our Discord channel to the public.

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