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Change of Plans - Releasing Today!

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Hey guys. Due to the fact we've reached a stable base in terms of starting content and the fact we're gathering more and more new accounts on a daily basis with new individuals who keep on asking both in public and in private when will the project launch, I've decided to change the release date to tonight.
Please bear in mind that this is an open phase 1, meant for very very very limited access in terms of gameplay, content, mechanics, as well as systems and storyline.

So what do we have so far?
So far every member has his/her own account to be used for both, the forum and in-game. The username and password combination are exactly the same.
We've finished most of our initial release plannings with a bit more to go, which will take place after we release and will be implemented via server restarts whenever required.
In terms of content - there is currently 1 tier which will function as our base set and later on duplicated on a massive scale and have its stats adjusted accordingly so we will not need to adjust each set individually after we attempt our PvP balancing.

The purpose of this phase
The purpose is pretty straight forward - to adjust the overall PvP balancing while allowing you guys have a glance at some of the systems we've been working on and get an overall idea of where this is going towards in the future.
Of course, suggestions are always welcome and honest feedback is always more than welcome. Keep in mind we're at a super early stage of development and sharp turns can be taken at any moment based upon any event - the community's feedback or a development /administration's point of view. Of course, everything will be transparent and will be shared with the community in advance.
Please make sure you report any bug, exploit or anything strange you witness at our bug tracker.

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