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Welcome to my forums, full of great ideas.
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Keep Yourself Updated

Check our roadmap and our release notes to know what has changed & what we're currently working on!

Under Development

Hellreach is under development and will be open for public phases soon. We currently have a Discord server, feel free to check it out!

Help Us Expand!

Wish to get neat items? Wish to get more population? Help us by voting and in return you will get awesome items for your characters!
Voting increases our ranking at top websites we're listed at and brings more visitors & potential members. You may use your vote points once we release the server's appropriate phase, but it will be smart to gather vote points and then make a mass-purchase for a specific character once we release.
You can vote at the bottom of the page at the right side for desktop users.

Seeking Staff

We're currently seeking staff members to help us with our initial phase 1 made for PvP tests.
Accepted applicants will gain access to our currently closed realm and will go through a brief explanation of what is to be done as a staff member at this point of time.

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